Kitten Info

Thank you for Choosing Arkham Bengals

  At Arkham Bengals you can be sure you are getting a healthy, loving, beautiful family member. They are raised in our home with our family. They stay in our home the whole time they are here and even sleep in bed with our children. They do share the house with our great dane Max and little rescue Molly so they enjoy dogs too. We tend to keep a busy household which in turn  means our kittens and cats do well in most environments.  

Kitten Info


  We do things a little different here at Arkham. We base our kitten prices off the bengal standard ( ) which means we do not go off gender or color.  We carefully plan our breedings with the hopes of making our next Supreme Grand Champion 

Picking your Kitten

  Kittens are made available at 6-8 weeks of age. At this point we have a good idea of what they will look like as adults but also allows us to learn who they are and helps us find a purrrrfect match for their family. Rarely we will allow picks to be made sooner (after 2 weeks). This only happens when there will be no show kittens picked from that litter and we are sure of the temperament. This is possible when we have followed a line down through multiple generations.  


 We do not take deposits until you have made your pick for the exact kitten you want. Picks generally are made between 6-8 weeks (sometimes sooner but never before 2 weeks). We ask for a deposit to ensure you get the kitten you really want. We do not hold kittens until we have received a deposit. Deposits are non refundable. If you are paying by Paypal, we are not responsible for the Paypal charges (goods and services). These charges will be added to the balance due for your kitten.

Cattery Visits

  Our cattery is in our home, so cattery visits are by appointment only, and only for clients on our waiting list or who have reserved a kitten. The deposit must be paid prior to the visit.  This is applied towards the final price of the kitten.   

 We now only show available kittens/cats. If requested we will bring parents out for you to see, but will not conduct cattery tours. We are sorry for this but due to a rash of problems concerning visiting catteries, we have decided that it is in our best interest and safety.  


   Kittens leave when they are 3 months old.  They are litter box trained, eating raw, and are emotionally ready to leave at 3 months of age so they do not leave any earlier. All pets kittens are spayed or neutered a week before leaving NO EXCEPTIONS. They go home only needing 1 more vaccine at 4 months of age. All you need to do is love them! We do ship within the USA. If you are outside of the USA you must come to pick your kitten up in person. We believe that we are responsible for every life we create, here at Arkham you will always have our support for the lifetime of your cat.

Kitten Application

  We do not ask you to fill out an online kitten application. I would rather speak with you personally to see which kitten would best fit you and your family/living situation. So please feel free to email, text or call us today to start the process.