About Us


 Located in Southern California

We are a small hobby Cattery looking to breed show quality Kittens to show. Our adult breeding cats are all screened  for HCM,PK-D and PRA-b. All kittens come with a written health guarantee. Our kittens are raised under foot with young kids and dogs. We actively show with TICA.

I have always been a dog person. My wife has always loved cats so she needed a cat that a dog person would love so she set out to look for a cat and found the bengal. When I found out about the temperament of these cats, I needed to see for myself so we found a reputable breeder (The Realms, Don and Lydia Wright) I fell in love and took home our first bengal Hank. We kept in very close contact with them over the years. Our love for bengals and are friendship with Don and Lydia Wright grew. Then i met Unica, this cat chose me. She made it a point to everyone that I was her person and she wanted to be with me always. The bond we have is like no other I’ve ever known with an animal.