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About Us

 Arkham Bengals is a small bengal cat cattery located in sunny Southern California. We started out with a pet bengal cat. We never thought about breeding but we fell in love with the bengal breed and with a little help from our dear friends whom we bought our first bengal from, we decided that we wanted to help to improve the bengal cat breed too. Once you are owned by a bengal you will be hooked. It is a special bond between human and cat.  

     Here at Arkham you can be sure you are getting a healthy, happy kitten. Since we are a small cattery and we raise our kittens in our home socialization comes naturally with two young kids and two dogs. Our kittens are able to go home ready to play, explore and cuddle. Bengals are incredibly smart and playful. They will play fetch, hop in the shower with you and greet you at the door when you come home. The possibilities are limitless to what they can do, all they need is someone who wants to invest the time to teach them.  Bengals are naturally very curious and tend to run towards danger. They shouldn't be scared or hiding. Kittens should be able to adapt comfortably into your surroundings. 

    There are many different bengal coat colors and patterns (more than 35). We only breed the standard colors that are acceptable to show which are: brown spotted bengal kittens, snow spotted (snow is a general term), seal lynx point spotted, seal mink spotted, silver spotted, charcoal spotted, rosetted bengal kittens and occasionally marble bengal kittens for sale. If you are looking for a low cost bengal kitten you can find it rather easy on craigslist or similar sites but it is a fact that not all bengals are created equally. Bengals that  are healthy, tested and have wonderful loving temperaments from a reputable breeder have a bit higher of a cost but in the long run will save you from costly vet bills and a lot of heartache.


We breed top quality show and pet Bengals


Health and temperament are our top priority


Brown, snow and silver bengals


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