Past kittens *not available*

Akerr's Marquez of Arkham


RW SGC Arkham Dead Shot X A-Kerr's Marques kittens are here!!!


Girl 1

This lovely lady loves to cuddle. She is quite outgoing and is already playing fetch. A show home is what she is looking for.

Girl 2

This lovely girl is quiet but curious. She is very much a thinker and hates to be alone. She loves to play and would do well with older kids.  

Girl 3

This darling girl is spunky. Everything is on her terms. She loves to play and search out her next adventure.  She is very much a bengal and always on the go. No small children would be best for her.

Girl 4

This little lady is the smallest of the group. She is small but mighty and lets no one boss her around.

Boy 1

He is the smallest of the boys but he doesn't care he makes his presence known by talking. He loves to carry on conversations with you. Would do well with children. He is glittered and has a soft coat.

Boy 2

This handsome guy is the biggest of the kittens. He loves belly rubs. If your looking for someone to follow you everywhere and cuddle at night this could be the boy for you. He is also glittered and has an amazing coat. Would do great with kids. 

Boy 3

This guy is also a big boy and will be a large cat. Very curious and loves to play. He will follow you anywhere.  Would be best with older children.